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Children are not the only people who may need orthodontic treatment. Many adults live with crooked teeth or misalignment issues and do not realize the negative implications it can have on their oral health. Even if an adult received orthodontic care as a child, there is a chance they will need it again. That is where we come in.

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Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

At Henry Orthodontics, we can provide orthodontic treatment to adults in Pinehurst, NC and the surrounding areas. The treatment can vary from what adults might remember as a child since their permanent teeth are no longer growing. Even so, we can recommend effective treatments to help correct the teeth alignment and provide a straight smile.

There is no reason to avoid seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult for the ideal smile alignment you want.

For the most part, people seek teeth straightening treatment options for the appearance of their teeth. In reality, straighter teeth will also make oral hygiene an easier and more effective process. Since adults are typically more responsible with oral hygiene than children are, orthodontics for adults can go more smoothly.

While braces are always an effective treatment option, there are other treatment options available. Any products that are over-the-counter or on infomercials that offer teeth straightening techniques will not be nearly as effective as professional treatment. Adults may have multiple reasons for wanting to straighten their teeth, that include:

  • Correcting bite issues
  • Being tired of avoiding smiling during photos
  • Making the teeth easier to clean
  • Straightening the teeth before considering teeth whitening

There is no reason for adults to continue living with a smile or teeth they do not like. With orthodontics for adults, we can help them keep as many natural teeth as possible and shift them into the proper alignment.

Differences between Child and Adult Orthodontics

While there are similar treatments for both children and adults, there are still several differences that adults need to know about. The differences include:

  • A higher level of responsibility
  • The option of removable orthodontic devices
  • A more efficient and shorter treatment process
  • Fewer checkups during treatment
  • Lower chance of necessary follow-up care

Adults are more Responsible

This is not to say that children are not capable of being responsible, but adults can be more careful with their treatment. For instance, clear aligners and Invisalign® require the patient to remove them for meals and cleaning the teeth. Children may not be as motivated to keep up that level of care. While braces remain in the mouth and are not going to fall out, many adults prefer a more discreet method for straightening.

There is no reason to be embarrassed about braces, especially since we offer clear braces and tooth-colored braces as potential options. Regardless of the choice, adults typically do not need as frequent reminders about sticking to the treatment plan as children do.

Removable Devices

With clear aligner trays, straightening teeth is less noticeable than ever before. Not only are they difficult to notice, but people can also take them out during certain activities. Invisalign aligners require patients to wear them for at least 22 hours per day. However, they can remove them during sports, dates, photo sessions, presentations and meals.

Being able to remove the devices allows for the patient to clean the direct service of the teeth without brackets and wires in the way.

Possibility of a more Efficient Treatment Process

Since adults are typically more responsible when taking care of orthodontic devices, there is less chance of damaging the devices and hindering the treatment process. With Invisalign, patients need to wear the aligners for the proper amount of time before switching to the next set in the series. By following the treatment plan, adult patients may be able to prevent the treatment from taking as long as children.

Less need of Checkup Appointments

Another benefit of adult orthodontic treatment is that adults do not need as many checkup appointments if they take care of their teeth during treatment. Since children are more prone to accidents or damaging the equipment, they typically need regular checkup appointments throughout the treatment process.

Smaller chance of more Treatment After

With adult orthodontics, there is also a smaller chance of adult patients needing other orthodontic treatment in the future. While an adult may need a retainer following any teeth straightening treatment, they will most likely not need extensive services. However, if the retainer is damaged in any way, then it is crucial to call us for repairs or end up needing treatment in the future.

Call us to schedule an appointment with our orthodontists and team to learn how it is never too late for orthodontic treatment.

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