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A common memory many adults share is having to wear braces at one point or another in their lives. However, many people cringe when recollecting the thought due to the embarrassment from the braces in middle school or high school. However, orthodontic technology has continued to evolve, and braces are not nearly as bulky or cumbersome as in the past. Braces also can require less time to adjust the teeth than in the past.

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Overall Benefits to one’s oral Health

At Henry Orthodontics, we treat patients of varying ages from children to adults with professional care as an orthodontist. In many cases, children will begin orthodontic treatment around the age of 10 and continue the treatment as teenagers. While teens may initially be against this treatment, it can provide them with a uniform and healthy smile for years to come. We also offer treatment options that are not available to younger patients.

There is no reason to postpone orthodontic treatment when it comes to a teenager’s teeth.

As beneficial as it can be to develop a customized orthodontic treatment plan for a patient during childhood, it is not necessary. If a teenager never visited an orthodontist as a child, there is no time like the present to seek a consultation. With a consultation, we can examine the child’s teeth, bite, alignment and smile to determine what treatment methods may be necessary.

It is crucial to seek orthodontic treatment at a younger age since the teeth are still developing and growing. This means that it is easier to correct alignment and position issues in children and teens than in adults. However, we can still help adults correct their teeth as well. Benefits of our orthodontic treatment options for teens include:

  • A uniform and straight set of teeth
  • A customized treatment plan
  • A more discreet teeth straightening process
  • More versatility on maintaining the smile alignment
  • A smaller chance of more intensive orthodontic treatment

Along with straightening the teeth, we can also help benefit the patient’s oral health by making it easier to clean the teeth.

Effective Treatment Methods

The major question that many parents/guardians and teenagers ask during a consultation is “braces or Invisalign®?” While there are various differences between the two, both can be effective teeth straightening options so long as the patient sticks to the treatment plan.


When people think of braces, many think of bulky metal wires with brackets that are noticeable and difficult to clean. However, braces are now much more sleek and smaller in design. They can take up less space and still accomplish the same goal of shifting the teeth into alignment. Along with that, braces are also sturdier than any removable options. We offer various forms of braces that can blend in with surrounding teeth and consist of different materials. Various types of braces we offer include:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Clear braces
  • Cosmetic braces
  • Corrective braces

The type of braces we decide on will vary per the patient’s age, desire and level of maturity. For instance, clear braces remain see-through on the teeth and can display bits of food that can get trapped. However, the benefit is that they are less noticeable than metal brackets so long as the patient cleans them properly.

We also offer tooth-colored braces that can blend in with the enamel, the white outer shell of the teeth people see when one smiles. The amount of time a patient needs to wear these braces for will also vary per the patient’s age, teeth and other factors. We can review all of these options and help the patient decide which option will be most effective for the teen.


Invisalign clear aligners are a series of plastic trays that fit snuggly over the upper and lower rows of teeth. We take a mold of the patient’s teeth and map out the projected movements necessary to shift the teeth into the proper position using computer technology. We will then create a series of aligner trays the patient will change out every couple of weeks.

Benefits of Invisalign include:

  • Clear aligner trays that are difficult to notice
  • Discreet and effective way to straighten one’s teeth
  • A customized series of trays for the patient’s teeth
  • Easy to remove when eating or cleaning
  • Less need for checkup appointments
  • Ability to remove them during photos, sports, presentations and dates

Not all teenagers are candidates for Invisalign. They must remove the aligners to brush and floss before placing them back into their mouth. Nonetheless, teenagers may be able to wear the clear aligners so long as they are responsible enough with them. Schedule a consultation with our orthodontist to learn more and see which treatment will work best for your child.

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